Elizabeth in England

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  • Elizabeth
  • 21-Jul-2017
The Clearing After a Storm

After my last exam, I walked aimlessly across the city - visiting my favorite spots one last time. With friends,Read More ⇾

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  • Elizabeth
  • 07-Jun-2017
Elizabeth’s Recap of London


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  • Elizabeth
  • 26-Apr-2017
Time Travel

Time is a weird concept, especially when studying abroad. On my computer screen, I keep track of three different timeRead More ⇾

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  • Elizabeth
  • 27-Mar-2017
How I Learned to Search for Opportunities

My parents were immigrants. Although they seemed to thrive in ambiguous situations, I knew how hard they worked. From them,Read More ⇾

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  • Elizabeth
  • 17-Feb-2017
Where Are You From?

Two days into 2017 and I found myself on a long journey to the United Kingdom. After spending the holidaysRead More ⇾

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  • Elizabeth
  • 08-Feb-2017
Meet Gilman Scholar Elizabeth