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banner for The 28th Rule
  • Charlotte in Jordan
  • 24-May-2015
The 28th Rule

I finished "40 Rules of Love" by the Turkish author Elif Shafak last week.  The book is named for theRead More ⇾

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  • nhaycock
  • 20-May-2015
The Swimmer

“The whole object of travel is not to set foot on foreign land; it is at last to set footRead More ⇾

banner for The Stages of Culture Shock
  • Lily in the United Kingdom
  • 15-May-2015
The Stages of Culture Shock

As an American studying abroad in England, before I arrived in this country, I did not expect that I wouldRead More ⇾

banner for Beograđani: The Real MVP
  • Anlan Cheney
  • 12-May-2015
Beograđani: The Real MVP

Beograd is my first real city. I grew up on a farm in rural Nebraska and later moved to aRead More ⇾

banner for Tanzanian Food Culture
  • Safari Ari
  • 08-May-2015
Tanzanian Food Culture

[caption id="attachment_2041" align="aligncenter" width="225"] pilau with spinach and banana[/caption] Food in Tanzania is simple, yet tasty. Dishes consist mainly ofRead More ⇾

banner for Warning: Cliché Up Ahead
  • Zachary in Turkey
  • 05-May-2015
Warning: Cliché Up Ahead

This look out point is a fantastic five-minute walk from my apartment. The bridge in this picture is one ofRead More ⇾

banner for Frowns and Bidets
  • Charlotte in Jordan
  • 28-Apr-2015
Frowns and Bidets

The Gilman Program gives me a topic to write about for each post (sorry if you were mislead about theRead More ⇾

banner for Traveling is SHOCKING!
  • Joshua in Senegal
  • 24-Apr-2015
Traveling is SHOCKING!

Jumping head first into a cold swimming pool is never at the top of a list of things I wantRead More ⇾

banner for Stop Panicking: A Gringa in Chile
  • Lindsay in Chile
  • 21-Apr-2015
Stop Panicking: A Gringa in Chile

Mucho Gusto! My name is Lindsay, and normally I'd introduce myself as an Elementary/Bilingual Education and Spanish Student from SouthernRead More ⇾

banner for Friendship
  • nhaycock
  • 18-Apr-2015

How the heck do they spend so much time talking?! It’s ridiculous! Parties last from 2 o’clock on a FridayRead More ⇾

banner for Culture Shock is a Real Thing
  • Kassie in Ecuador
  • 15-Apr-2015
Culture Shock is a Real Thing

I've heard talk about culture shock many times in the past. I don't think I ever understood why it happened,Read More ⇾

banner for Interning it up in Dakar
  • Joshua in Senegal
  • 11-Apr-2015
Interning it up in Dakar

This past semester I have had the privilege of working at an NGO (Non-governmental organization) called Culture D’Enfances (in English-childhoodRead More ⇾