banner for An Introspective Perspective
  • Alicia in Ecuador
  • 13-Jan-2017
An Introspective Perspective

“The whole object of travel is not to set foot on foreign land; it is at last to set footRead More ⇾

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  • Alicia in Ecuador
  • 16-Dec-2016
Just like Bowie, I Turned Myself to Face Me

As I begin to write this blog post, I can already feel a numbing sensation trickle down my arms asRead More ⇾

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  • Alicia in Ecuador
  • 16-Nov-2016
Speaking More Like an Ecuagringa Everyday

The title is a little funnier than you might think. Gringos (the Spanish term for anyone from a non-Spanish speakingRead More ⇾

banner for Building and Breaking Routines
  • Alicia in Ecuador
  • 24-Oct-2016
Building and Breaking Routines

One aspect of studying abroad that is definitely similar to my time at UMass, and really probably life in general,Read More ⇾

banner for ¡Buen provecho! A presentation of Ecuadorian food
  • Alicia in Ecuador
  • 28-Sep-2016
¡Buen provecho! A presentation of Ecuadorian food

Whether just to humor me or because you love food as much as this girl, imagine a lunch that somehowRead More ⇾

banner for New Surroundings, New Perspective
  • Alicia in Ecuador
  • 02-Sep-2016
New Surroundings, New Perspective

¡Hola a todos! Today marks two weeks since the night that I landed in Quito, Ecuador. It is hard toRead More ⇾

banner for Culture Shock is a Real Thing
  • Kassie in Ecuador
  • 15-Apr-2015
Culture Shock is a Real Thing

I've heard talk about culture shock many times in the past. I don't think I ever understood why it happened,Read More ⇾

banner for Professional Lenses
  • Kassie in Ecuador
  • 29-Dec-2014
Professional Lenses

I don’t think it’s possible that a program abroad for four months wouldn’t touch nearly every facet of your lifeRead More ⇾

banner for Interning Abroad: The Real Deal
  • Kassie in Ecuador
  • 12-Dec-2014
Interning Abroad: The Real Deal

I am interning for the semester in Quito, Ecuador at an organization called the Comisión Ecuménica de Derechos Humanos (CEDHU),Read More ⇾

banner for Traveling = Brutality?
  • Kassie in Ecuador
  • 18-Nov-2014
Traveling = Brutality?

"Traveling is a brutality. It forces you to trust strangers and to lose sight of all that familiar comfort ofRead More ⇾

banner for Amigos, Friends, Same Thing
  • Kassie in Ecuador
  • 04-Nov-2014
Amigos, Friends, Same Thing

One of the things I was most scared about for my study abroad trip was making friends. It sounds soRead More ⇾

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  • Kassie in Ecuador
  • 23-Oct-2014
Fabulous Food

Trying food is such an important and intricate detail of living in another part of the world! Completely submerging yourselfRead More ⇾