banner for Overcoming Loneliness in Chile
  • Brooke Alumni Ambassador
  • 24-Apr-2017
Overcoming Loneliness in Chile

The past three weeks of my study abroad program have been spent traveling. We spent a week in Putre andRead More ⇾

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  • Nhi in Belgium
  • 02-Dec-2016
Culture Across a Town

Hello again! Now there’s only a month left in the semester and classes are starting to wind down as finals comeRead More ⇾

banner for Beauty in Vandalism?
  • Bioreoluwasheto in Germany
  • 26-Jun-2016
Beauty in Vandalism?

Before I left for my study abroad program, I made one promise to several people. I promised that I wouldRead More ⇾

banner for A Word on Being Alone
  • Natalie Jane
  • 20-May-2016
A Word on Being Alone

There's a stark reality underneath the layers of all the newness that comes with study abroad (new friends, new "family,"Read More ⇾