Sarai in Senegal

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  • Sarai in Senegal
  • 13-Nov-2011
La Poubelle

Waste and conservation: The way waste is dealt with here seems to be on two polar opposite sides of theRead More ⇾

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  • Sarai in Senegal
  • 20-Oct-2011
Traveling: A Blessing, Not a Brutality

“Traveling is a brutality. It forces you to trust strangers and to lose sight of all that familiar comfort ofRead More ⇾

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  • Sarai in Senegal
  • 05-Oct-2011

.…by which I mean French bread. The residue of French colonial influence is still ripe here. Besides the national languageRead More ⇾

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  • Sarai in Senegal
  • 03-Oct-2011
La Nouriture! (FOOD!)

Maangi lekk cebb u jen! That means 'I eat ceebu jen' in Wolof. Ceebu jen is a traditional Senegalese dishRead More ⇾

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  • Sarai in Senegal
  • 27-Sep-2011
Fall Break 2011: La Gambie

Last week was fall break so a few friends and I decided to go to the Gambia. After some veryRead More ⇾